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You Tube: Bushing Firing Pin Hole

How to send your bolt in:

Bushing the firing pin hole and turning the firing pin sounds small but this one operation to the bolt has so many benefits it's hard to believe. The biggie is it has to be done correctly to work as a total benefit. It took two years to perfect my system to get all the good out of this operation.

What can it do for you? The most noticeable that you can see is for the cratering and or primer piercing problem for PPC comp rifles, varmint rifles and the high performance 17's, 20's, 6mm's and 6.5 but not limited to them. The part you can't see that took two years to finally figure out is to make the bushing long enough in side the bolt to guide and support the firing pin. Cratering and piercing is not a problem with firing pin fit to hole diameter fit. It has to do with pressure control. The smaller the hole the more pressure it takes to blank out a washer from the same thickness and hardness material. So when your 20 Tactical or any other cartridge craters bad and your load is 2 grains light, the primer round and brass has barely formed the problem is not fixed by a larger firing pin! The correct course of action is to reduce the firing pin hole diameter. The reason you want Gre'-Tan Rifles to do the installation is because of the consistency of ignition by my bushing. This is accomplished because of the longer bushing in the bolt. When you cock and load the firing pin it stays encapsulated. This guides the firing pin back and forth. It keeps it centered in the bolt helping to prevent the spring from rubbing on the interior bolt body. The pin doesn't drop down into the large ramp area behind the firing pin hole in the bolt causing the tip to wear and have different initial vibrations started before the primer ignites. This all adds up to consistent primer ignition and getting an accurate rifle consistently accurate. So what size is needed? I always strongly recommend .062 for all comp, varmint, and hunting rifles. For the guy that has to always take his gun apart in hunting camp it's a .068. For the person looking for just the repair, all I need is the complete bolt. We can do Remington, Winchester, Savage multi piece pin, Sako, Kimber, Nesika, Stiller, Bat, Kelbly, Lawton, Surgeon, Borden, Wichita, Hall, Ruger, Howa, Weatherby, Dakota, Pacific Tool, Phoenix, & Defiant bolt action rifle or pistol. I CAN NOT DO case hardened, AR's, Accuracy International, Barnard, Big Horn, Cooper, CZ, Enfield, Desert Tactical Arms, Kimber, Mauser, Rim fires, Savage New one piece pin, Falling block, Break open, Lever, Pump rifles, 1903-A3. If you do not see your bolt listed, please call before sending it in to us. How to send your bolt in: You can send your bolt snail mail, priority mail, UPS, Fed-Ex. What ever you prefer. Please include your name, phone number, and return shipping address, and a note as to what you want done. DUE TO HIGH VOLUME, IT CAN TAKE UP TO 5 to 8 WEEKS TO BUSH A BOLT. Check, money order, or credit card is fine with us. Look below for shipping costs when shipping 1 to 3 bolts. $80.00 per bolt to bush firing pin hole and turn pin. If you are sending in a bolt that has previously been bushed by someone else, the starting cost is $160.00 for us to bush it and turn the pin. Send to: Gre'-Tan Rifles, 24005 Hwy. 13, Rifle CO. 81650 We use USPS for 1 to 3 bolts Priority mail with no insurance, add $8.00 to the services you want done. Priority mail with $300.00 insurance, add $13.00 to the services you want done. Priority mail with $500.00 insurance add $15.00 to the services you want done. Three or more bolts may be sent back to you UPS and we will have to calculate shipping. We can overnight them at your expense.

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