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Bad Barrel Work

The barrel on the left is Greg's work. The barrel on the right is what someone did to a new barrel and charge for it as an precision gunsmith. Unfortunately this was a new barrel that was put on the action. I understand making a mistake. But not correcting the mistake and shipping it out as quality work. The tenon measures 1.033 with the burr's. A 1.0625 x 16tpi thread should measure 1.054 to 1.056 for a major thread dia. The bolt nose relief dia. is 0.705 standard for a Remington 700. This one measures 0.765. The throat in the chamber look like the jaws on a vice grip. He got the back of the chamber polished out, but the front looks galled & chattered. This is more than a mistake, it is someone that doesn't have any machining knowledge of the basic's. In this case he didn't get what he paid for. He paid premium.

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