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.338 Lapua

Greg, good morning As usual I'm writing to commend you on your machine work and craftsmanship. As you know I picked up my .338 Lapua from you this weekend 3/9/13 and headed home. I spent all day Sunday cleaning and performing the DAAG 156 treatment, which by the way was very easy and chemically/mechanically a fantastic idea. After the DAAG process was complete copper fouling was removed completely in five patches!!. Late Sunday evening I loaded 78.2G IMR 4350 and some 300G Berger OTM with Fed 210mag primers and Lapua brass. I also loaded some other combinations with Retumbo and H1000 that I now have to pull J. I have attached a target with the first 6 rounds out of the gun. There are 2 (3) shot groups shown on the target, the first is a sight in which is the lowest, the second group is after my sight in adjustments. Once again my friend your attention to detail is world class, I can't say enough about the quality of craftsmanship. I will get some chronograph data this coming weekend and stretch her legs, So I'll be sending a video soon to follow. Greg thank you again, your truly a world class gun smith! P.S. Both of the groups were shot off a bi-pod and rear bag J Jesse Hale Construction Foreman

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