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How to Send Your Rifle In

When you send your rifle in to us, please keep in mind that we have to send it back to you. ASSEMBLED! NOW IT'S 50" LONG. So if you send it in pieces, or in smaller boxes. We have to be able to send a completed rifle back to you. Keep in mind the length of your finished rifle, so you have a case long enough. If you do not send a rifle case to us, we will sell you one for $48.00 (Plano 52") to ship your rifle back to you. By the time you buy a case and send it to us, you might be better off just buying one of ours. You can also send us a rifle case with your parts in it or purchase one and have it sent to us. The case should be completely enclosed in cardboard. You can buy a case online or you can go to a local store and buy one. It does not have to be an expensive case. It is up to you. Pack some bubble wrap or even newspaper around you rifle or pieces. If you have any questions or a good suggestion please call. You can ship to us UPS, or USPS, but DO NOT USE FED-EX (We have problems with them delivering to our shop).

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