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Win Model 70

Greg, I thought you would like to know this is the second ram I have taken with the rifle you built for me. I took a Dall Ram in Alaska with the same rifle in 2004. The rifle is a pre-64 model 70 in .270 Imp. with single pointed action, bushed firing pin, single rear sleeve and re-pinned trigger. The stock is a High Tech Specialties, pillar bedded, with a free-floated featherweight contour Hart barrel; all work done by you of course. I topped the rifle with a 10 power NightForce scope. The largest three-shot group I have ever shot with this rifle at 500 yards measured 3.205 " - shot with a bipod and a rolled up coat for a rear rest. I shoot the Barnes 140 grain TSX bullet at 3130 fps. This rifle weighs well under 8 lbs. loaded, with sling, ready to hunt. You finished the rifle for me in late Spring of 2004 and it has yet to change point-of-impact. I have taken 2 Mule Deer, 1 Desert Sheep, 1 Dall Sheep, 1 Columbian Blacktail Deer, 1 Mountain Lion and 2 Antelope with this rifle so far. The rifle has never failed to function in any way, despite some truly horrible weather in Alaska, and I don't think it ever will! I have a hunting partner who purchased a ______ rifle for twice what I paid you for mine, and he has sent it back to ______ for repair twice already. Thank you so much for the great job you did for me. If you have a few minutes to go to, do a search for "friends nevada sheep hunt" and you will see a short video of me taking my 2010 Nevada Desert Ram with one shot at 425 yards using my Gre'-tan Model 70. Thanks again, Don Spence

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