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.338 Edge

Greg here are some pictures of animals I have taken this year with the 338 Edge you built me. Without a doubt my favorite rifle. These two animals as well as two does taken with one shot each at 525 and 589 yards. The antelope was taken at 604 yds. and the mule buck yesterday at a very difficult 77 yards. Thanks again for the fantastic rifle and look forward to the 300 RUM. FYI I have had great success shooting this rifle sub 3/4 MOA from 1000 out to 2180 yards. I shot a 5 shot group on a rock at 1820 yards this weekend. Actual measured group on the rock. 14" vertical 12" horizontal with a 5 mph variable tailwind, 3 shots were inside 9" square.

Below is how the 300 RUM turned out that I built for Jason. Click Here to see Jason in a new series, he is using rifles that Greg built for him.

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