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This pin is for the  Winchester Rifles produced Pre 1964. This is the long action firing pin. It has a 1/4 turn barrel spring collar. 


Whether purchased for repair of a damaged pin or to upgrade for a faster lock time for Tactical and or Moving Target work. This is a direct replacement.

The pin has been lightened by removing metal on the front shank diameter and my signature spiral fluting on the body under the F/P spring. This enhances a faster lock time.  The the F/P is burnished in ceramic media to smooth out the surface and sharp edges.  The pin is made from pre-hardened 4140 on, in house CNC Swiss Screw machines. It is a direct replacement with the installer changing out the cocking piece from the original. This pin does not work Post 64 Win. 70 actions.

The kit has 2 differant diameter pins. If there is a problem drilling out the original cross pin and the hole gets large. You have the next size available to finish the job.

The installation must be undertaken and completed by a person that understands the timing of the safety to cocking piece of a Winchester. If not, the SAFETY can become non-functional! If you cannot find a qualified shop or you do not have the equipment or experience to accomplish, I offer the service in house.


Win-Win Pre-64 70 Long 



    Win Win Pre-64 70 Fluted Pins

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