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Thread bolt handle for aftermarket knobs.


Thread bolt handle for after market bolt knobs, 5/16 x 24 tpi. Remington 700 long action or short action, Model 7 right or left, 721 & 722 right, Bat straight Right, Stiller straight right.
Price $68.00

Thread bolt handle for above mentioned & add 1 torx screw. This is a biggie, you have more leverage to pry the handle off now with the extended handle.
Price $95.00

Drill & tap bolt handle for 8x40 torx screw. Gives a mechanical hold to silver brazed handles. Parts & labor included.
Price $35.00

Add two torx screw to bolt handle to to give mechanical hold. Parts & labor included.
Price $55.00


When we thread the bolt handle purchasing a Badger Bolt Knob Costs $29.00

Thread Bolt Handle

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