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Gre'-Tan orders all parts


Option #1 is for clients who want Gre'-Tan to order their custom rifle components (action, barrel, bottom metal, trigger and stock) and also want Greg's advice on components and options. We are happy to order any and all components the client desires. But because ordering components and providing this advice is often time consumptive (taking Greg away from actually producing guns and parts) we charge a higher price for this service than for customers who know exactly what they want and supply their own components. We will need a completed work order and several dummy rounds when building your rifle.

Order action, barrel, bottom metal, trigger & stock. Chamber-Thread-Crown-Engrave-Satin Bead Blast Barrel- 2 pillar system Epoxy pillar bed assembled barreled action into the stock and set trigger. The Base price for just ordering parts and machine work is: $1275.00 (This cost does not include any components).

Plus we will need a minimum deposit of $2200.00 to order components when building a complete rifle for action, barrel, bottom metal, trigger and stock.

Opt. #1 Additional labor charges to the $1275.00 are listed below:

Make dummy round when one is not supplied $75.00

Cerakote $325.00

Index Fluted Barrel $50.00

Claw Extractor Cut $75.00

Muzzle Brake Installation $175.00

Mount Base, Lap Rings $50.00

Mount Scope and Level Scope $35.00

3 Pillar bedding system $25.00

Option #1 Rifle w/Custom Action

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