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GTR Gen V Fluted Steel Firing Pin Assembly, Satin Black. Comes with our Chrome Silica Spring. We have the advantage of working on rifles every day, and knowing how to improve firing pin components, including how to manufacture them with the machines at our control. Made by Gre'-Tan in house, with newly installed Swiss CNC's. Not by just copying a blueprint or OEM part, for someone that just wants to sell you something. You already have that in the rifle you purchased.

First is the aluminum Bolt Shroud. This is made with 7075-T6. Again made in house on our Swiss CNC's. We have bolts from the 1940's to present and were able to adjust the threads, bushing collar and height of the shroud flats to give the best fit in the industry. On average, we are .010 larger in the areas to take out the sloppy fit. We have a better fit of the cocking piece and firing pin to the shroud. Then we have them Type III hard coat anodized. All to give the most durable and consistent firing pin travel, shot to shot.

Second is the Fluted Steel Firing Pin. Made from pre-hardened 4140 steel. Again made in house with newly installed Swiss CNC's. Unlike cheaper pins that are constructed from two joined parts, my pin is crafted from a single piece of steel, resulting in a more durable, fail-safe design. The weight saving flutes shortens the lock time. The tip contour has the tradition fracture point removed and a radius machined to prevent the tip breaking off. Additionally, the spring fit to the shank is the best on the market, resulting in zero rub on the inside of the bolt body. There are two reasons for the spiral flutes. First is to identify if you purchased a GTR, not a counterfeit knock off. The second is that the flutes are milled in the direction of the spring as it uncoils during release. As a final process, we surface burnish the pins in ceramic media to give a slick surface and to edge radius/de-burr from fluting. This allows the pin to slide with lower friction within the bolt shroud and spring. The x-pin hole is chamfered to help in assembly.

Weight: 2.3 oz

This is the best steel assembly on the market. Period!

The newest up-grade to the assembly is the fluted steel firing pin.


Model 7 Fits; Model 7, Model 7 LH, XP-100, XR-100, Mohawk 600 & J-Locks


If you are purchasing one of our GTR Firing Pin Assemblies for a PTG bolt it needs to be fitted by Greg. Greg will install and fit it for free. Just send your bolt in, with payment. It is a 1 day turn around.

Model 7 Fluted Steel Assembly-Satin Black

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