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New! Gen II, GTR Model 7 Aluminum Bolt Shroud, Satin Black. We have the advantage of working on rifles every day, and knowing how to manufacture firing pin components by what makes it better with the machines at our control. Not by just copying something, or a print for someone that just wants to sell you something.

The Bolt Shroud is made with 7075-T6. Made in house on our Swiss CNC's. We have bolts from the 1940's to present and were able to adjust the threads, bushing collar and height of the shroud flats to give the best fit in the industry. On average, we are .010 larger in the areas to take out the sloppy fit. We have a better fit of the cocking piece and firing pin to the shroud. Then we have them Type III hard coat anodized. All to give the most durable and consistent firing pin travel shot to shot.


If you are putting a GTR bolt shroud into a PTG bolt, it needs to be fitted.  We do a one day no charge turn around.  For the J-Lock assemblies individual firing pin parts are not compatible to fix J-Lock problems. You need to buy the complete assembly.

Model 7 Bolt Shroud - Satin Black

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