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2 Hours

Video content: Whether you purchased a flushing system from G.T.R., or built your own, (or are about to do either), you will want this full information video, which will save you time & money. Topics covered in this two hour video include: high pressure pumps ~ motors ~ fittings ~ pressure relief valves ~ coolant tanks ~ tubing ~ line routing ~ accessory manifolds ~ motor mount fixtures for pump & motor ~ lathe chip pan prep ~ reamers (piloted and unpolluted, as well as carbide) ~ cutting fluids ~ water-sol oil ~ mineral oil.

IMPORTANT: Since the original video I only recommend high quality tapping / cutting fluids. The one I am using is Hangsterfer?s PC 45 cutting fluid. People have had too many problems with water soluble cutting fluids.

GTR High Pressure Pump DVD

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