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This pin is for the FN and FN-Win Model 70 short action rifles produced after 2008. It is the first replacement to be offered on the market today. Whether purchase for a repair of a damaged pin or to upgrade for a faster lock time for Tactical and or Moving Target work, this is a direct replacement with out the hassle of having to send the rifle back to FN. At this time they will not sell firing pins.

The pin has been lightened by removing metal on the front shank diameter and my signature spiral fluting on the body under the F/P spring. This enhances a faster lock time.  I have machined in a long radius after the straight section of the F/P tip ( as with all the pins that I machine) to eliminate a facture point. You can dry fire with out the worries of breaking the tip off.  Then the F/P is burnished in ceramic media to smooth out the surface and sharp edges.  The pin is made from pre-hardened 4140 on, in house CNC Swiss Screw machines. It is a direct replacement with the installer changing out the cocking piece from the original. This pin does not work in or with Pre-2008 bolt or cocking pieces. FN changed the trigger and fire control components that do not interchange with original Win. or vise versa.

We have added the Spring Washer to the kit that FN dropped from the original Win. firing pin assembly and the x-pin to lock the pin to the cocking piece in the change over. The kit has 2 differant diameter pins. If there is a problem drilling out the original cross pin and the hole gets large. You have the next size available to finish the job.

The installation must be undertaken and completed by a person that understands the timing of the safety to cocking piece of a Win., FN or FN-Win.. If not, the SAFETY can become non-functional! If you cannot find a qualified shop or you do not have the equipment or experience to accomplish, I offer the service in house.

FN Winchester Short Kit

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