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This is what Greg sends when he installs a new barrel. Comes with complete instructions. This kit includes Daag 156 Colloidal Graphite (6cc) and Graph Oil (6cc) of each. This is enough for the life of one barrel. For larger quantities buy the individual 2oz. bottles or kit at a greater savings.


You are filling the micro-structure with graphite instead of carbon & copper. It will help prevent carbon and copper from sticking to the surface of the bore. Which helps with extending the number of rounds before loss of accuracy from barrel fowling. In other words it helps your barrel cleaner.


STEP 1: Use Daag156 to break in the barrel. Do not fire a round through the barrel until these steps 2-7 have been done. You are filling the microstructure with graphite instead of carbon & copper. It will help prevent carbon and copper from sticking to the inside of the barrel.

1) It is best to use DAAG156 in unfired barrels, after the barrel has been installed on actions.

2) Thoroughly degrease barrel with a solvent such as brake cleaner, followed by running two wet patches of acetone or lacquer thinner through the barrel.

3) Allow the bore to dry after swabbing with two dry patches. About 1 min.

4) Insert a dry patch on the cleaning rod and run it through the bore to protrude halfway out the muzzle. Saturate the patch with DAAG 156 colloidal graphite and slowly draw back through the barrel to the throat. Push the patch forward to protrude halfway out the barrel again and re-saturate the patch the second time and pull back to the throat, then run the patch down the barrel a final time and let drop into a waste container.

5) Let the barrel set for at least 15 minutes to allow complete evaporation of the alcohol. If you have compressed air, you can softly blow down barrel, this will speed up the dry time.

6) Now you are ready to shoot the first round through your new barrel.

7) After firing, clean the barrel in your normal manner. Do not use harsh bore cleaners. You can use "Shooter's Choice", "Butch's Bore Shine" or ?Bore Tech Eliminator?. You must remove all the copper left by the first shot.

8) After all the copper of the first shot is removed, repeat steps 2-7. Fire the second round. Keep repeating steps 2-7 for at least 10 rounds. 20 rounds are preferred.


STEP 2: After break in of 10-20 rounds. Grafoil is used in the maintenance of the barrel after shooting and cleaning for the day, or between relays.
Use only after all carbon & copper are removed from barrel.

1) After thoroughly cleaning the barrel in a manner that has worked for you. You can use ?Shooters Choice?, ?Butch?s Bore Shine?, or ?Bore Tech Cleaner?. Wipe out the bore with two dry patches.

2) Place ?ONLY THREE? (3) small drops around a patch and run it through the bore slowly and let the patch drop off at the end of the barrel. Do not use more than three drops. You could hydraulic a bullet. For larger calipers, (on 338 cal. and larger, use only 4 drops), (50?s, use only 5 drops).


Your first shot will displace low from its normal sight in. The second shot will be right there.


Barrel Break In Kit

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