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No other video ever made comes close to this Hi-Tech in depth look at what is involved to blueprint an action. This video is not candy coated.
It reveals the inherent gross misconceptions of action truing with facts and dial indicators.

All machining is single point, including the recutting of the threads. An in-depth instruction section on setup of the threading tool bit and how to pickup the internal thread in an action for recutting for professional truing of threads. Not the back yard butcher method of using a tap!

The setup of actions in this video are explained in depth, then shown with dial indicators. FACTS are the only subject in this video! Not what someone believes in. This video shakes the foundation on what pretenders, self proclaimed machinists preach, but have no concept on axial alignment. What someone thinks and what someone knows are two different ball games. Hard ball is played in this video. Knowledge is the umpire. If the truth scares you don't purchase this video.

The fresh machined action without any lapping to the lugs, wipes 100 % of magic marker off of the recoil lugs in the action. With a 5 digit after the decimal depth micrometer, the action measures to within 50 millionths, or 1/2/ of 1/10,000 across the bolt face from the reciever face.

Tool room precision is the only subject presented, not B.S.

Action Blue Printing DVD

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