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NEW 14 inch long, GTR .500 dia. Straight alignment mandrel for dialing in the action.


The new length of 14" gives a longer alignment radius for dialing in the action. I found a grinder that could do the longer length. When I send out an alignment, it has been checked to be under 0.00010 of straight.  The alignment rod is straight and has a smooth ground surface.  The tool steel used has an extreme resistance to bending and doesn't warp. The hardness and finish helps in a smooth reading with the test dial indicator. Also sliding the rod back in the bushings after dialing in the action. I recommend leaving the bushings and the rod in, after aligning the action in my jig. This is to keep all the mass that supports the action while in the jig and machining the action.


.500 Alignment Mandrel 14"

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