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Win Model 70

This is the third Ram taken with the Winchester Model 70 in .270 Improved that you built for me in 2004. I killed a Dall Ram in August, 2004; a Desert Ram in November, 2010 and then my Wife Michelle killed a Desert Ram with one shot at 618 yards on Thanksgiving Day of this year (the bullet hole in the lungs can be seen in one of the photos). This rifle will put three shots in 4 inches at 600 yards off a bipod, a rolled up coat, a backpack or any other reasonable rest, and the barrel is a Winchester Featherweight contour Hart! Rifle with full magazine and sling is under 8 pounds and the free floated barrel has not changed point-of-impact in 9 1/2 years and just under 500 rounds. Rifle is NOT FOR SALE! Thanks Greg. Don Spence

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