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 If you have the funds, this will locate the coyotes in the brush, fog, snow storm, etc. Helps you scan for a downed animal, you see the heat signature.

The TG-7 Thermal Goggle/Binocular is a rugged, lightweight, and powerful InfraRed optic that can be hand held or mounted on a helmet or headgear. By using the 2x internal digital zoom and adding an optional a-focal germanium optical magnification lens, the TG-7 provides potent 6x long-range thermal surveillance and acquisition. The sensitive uncooled thermal detector and high resolution display provide crisp "white hot" or "black hot" images regardless of ambient conditions (colorized capability available upon request). While night vision technology relies on amplification of ambient light or assisting illumination, thermal devices are completely passive, sensing extremely minute temperature differentials. The TG-7 Thermal Goggles therefore acquire targets in daylight and complete darkness while "seeing through" obscurants such as smoke and haze which often hinder image intensification devices. Designed for law enforcement, military and commercial use, the TG-7 is ideal for reconnaissance and surveillance, perimeter control, search and rescue, vehicle identification, wildlife observation, locating oil spills, and geo-thermal event monitoring in addition to a wide variety of other applications. The TG-7 combines a highly sensitive, uncooled thermal detector with the new 640x480 OLED Display (organic light emitting diode) integrated into the familiar PVS-7 housing, ensuring accurate images and compatibility with accessories such as Mil Spec Headgear and Helmet Mounts. The comfortable, lightweight TG-7 provides a powerful advantage during both day and night operations.


Resolution: 160x120
Magnification: 1.5x to 3x
Lens System: High Grade Germanuim
Diopter Adjustment: +2 to -6
Camera/Camcorder Adaptable: no
IR Illuminator: no
Battery Type/Life: (3) cr123/4 hours continuous
Dimensions: 6in x 6in x 4in
Eye Relief: 17mm
Waterproof: Yes

TG-7 Thermal Goggle Binocular