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NEW! GTR designed recoil lug for Remington actions, that are being bedding in a stock that has a bedding block. I should have thought of this 15 years ago. With the larger aftermarket tapered recoil lugs going into a stock with a bedding block you have to machine out the sides of the block and on some cut into the bottom of the block or machine the lug shorter to get them to drop in. This weakens the stock making the fore end less rigid. My new lug has the bottom section tapered but keeps the original profile. This lets the lug easily release from the bedding. It comes pre drilled for double pining the lug in place with pins. The pin location is set for standard thread tenon and actions that have been re-machined. The tenon diameter is set for factory barrels. If the action has been re-machined, use the GTR Recoil lug jig to open the tenon diameter in the lug. You keep the stiffness of the stock and ease of release with the tapered bottom section and get a flat surface ground lug for no stress as from an uneven lug.


.250 Bedding Recoil Lug w/pins

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